Software Product Development

Redhouse strives to create promising, new software applications for businesses using VR technology.

Software Product Development

Redhouse strive to create promising, new software applications for businesses using VR technology. We help educators, brands and tech companies to engage their audience in a completely immersive environment. We have expert team members with decades of combined experience in Unity 3d, Maya, Studio Max.

What We Do?

There are endless use cases of VR applications. However there are few common examples that all of them will fall under:


Software Product Development


We help develop learning solutions that engages students with the lessons. With VR/AR we develop interactive tools and models which allows students to interact complete 360 degree. This adds to the impression on young learners and helps them retain information more effectively.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing is all about emotions, and VR helps you capture them easily. VR helps to demonstrate products in virtual showrooms, experience them virtually and help them more informed buying decisions. The consumer can see value more clearly with the help of VR.

Health and Wellness

VR can provide solutions for mental health, stress, pain reduction, training and pother related use cases. With a complete immersion in VR, the user gets better and quality treatment.

How Can We Help

Develop immersive VR experiences

We have an expert team that includes professionals in VR programming. We can develop VR/AR software of unmatched quality. We have experience of working with all the state of the art VR programming platforms. We create applications that stand out from the crowd. With VR apps created by us, your users will find themselves in a new world. More engagement will mean more business for you.


Create VR apps for all modern headsets

We build VR apps for all types of VR equipment in the market including Oculus, HTC Vive, Google DayDream, Samsung headgear, and others. We are completely updated with all product news so that we are the first to integrate the technological advancement within our apps. We can also upgrade the existing VR apps or solutions to make them fit with the current model of the VR headsets on the market.

Redhouse also offers Over 1,000 CAD and PLM Application Courses

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