RedHouse Virtual Tech create immersive, interactive and engaging e-learning software applications for educational use.


RedHouse Virtual Tech create immersive, interactive and engaging e-learning software applications for educational use.

Red-Tech is going to see a lot of investment in the coming years, and most of it will fo in e-learning projects. This will enable education to be more flexible and cheaper. We can help you create quality educational tools and programs with use of e-learning courseware, VR and AR solutions, big data and other technological apps.

Did you know that it is possible to replicate a 3rd century old temple in VR and walk through it without leaving the classroom? Or study the complete human heart with all its chambers and veins without studying medicine in your graduation?

Research shows that students usually remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, but 90% of what they do or simulate. Using VR engages is more engaging with students compared to the general textbook material.

We at Redhouse at are passionate about empowering education through technological advancement. We have helped schools and ed-tech companies to develop training platforms for school and college curriculums. We also worked with companies developing their Augmented reality solutions for education.


We Do Provide Different Services For Ed-Tech

Nowadays businesses and educational institutions are investing in new educational tech solutions to match the demand of growing skill force, There are varieties of software solutions that are needed ranging from visualization tools, gamification, e-learning mobile tools and much more.

We also work with Data analytics

Machine learning is behind adaptive learning systems that evaluate user’s knowledge to suggest the next educational steps. We have a dedicated team which writes algorithms for machine learning.


Why Choose Us


Dedicated Teams

Software development requires a deep coordination between a client and vendor. We understand that. That’s why we offer dedicated development teams to make sure that our developers work in complete tandem with your internal team.


Virtual Reality Experience

We have an excellent virtual reality team that has developed VR and AR applications for multiple industries including education, aviation, engineering and health. We help businesses to help engage their customers and increase their bottomline.



Continuous Innovation

Apart from VR expertise we have a R&D cell which focuses on newer technological solutions that may add more value to our client’s business. We have dedicated R&D teams for IoT, Machine learning, blockchain and more.


Vast Experience

We understand each business requirements are different. Our expertise in different technologies allows us to offer our clients the best solution needed for a particular project.

Redhouse also offers Over 1,000 CAD and PLM Application Courses

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"Technology is the Equalizer to equity "



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