Our Company

Founded in 2017 by Tony Scallion. We are a Frisco, Texas-based virtual reality studio that provides platform solutions and services for industries across all verticals. As part of the Microsoft for Startups program, we partner with enterprise customers to help enable true digital transformation and deliver game-changing advantages.

Mixed reality is the next huge wave in education, and we are actively developing MR/VR applications on industry trusted products such as Microsoft HoloLens and Microsoft Azure. Companies, Universities, Schools and Cities are enabled effectively to focus their time on their core competencies. The products in our Mixed Reality Platform will integrate with Learning Management Systems, Content Management Systems, and a host of other Enterprise Systems to provide an efficient and modern learning, training and learning support experience.


Our Mission

We are an entrepreneurial, agile organization with a broad range of education and business experience, talents, and a laser focus on adding value to our customers. At the heart of the Mixed Reality Platform are three products designed to help students learn, train, and perform their job functions. These products are supported by REDHOUSE Virtual Learning’s global development network, with Four locations worldwide.